Shiloh Saddlery, family owned and operated by Stacy and Raz Autry, offers top of the line, completely handmade saddles, ranging from basic to highly customized. All saddles are made to your specifications, any tree, any style, with your choice of lettering and tooling patterns. You dream it and we will do our best to build it!

We’d like to help you determine what size of saddle you and your horse ride in! This page will offer you photos and videos to educate you on selecting the correct saddle size for you and your horse!

Fitting You

Seat sizing

Our trees are built a 1/4″ bigger than what size is ordered that way by the time the saddle is built and some material takes up seat space it will be a true size. For example if you order a 14″ saddle the tree will be built in a 14 1/4″ and after the saddle is built it will measure a 14″.

In the encourager we suggest to go with a 1/2″ bigger seat size than what you normally ride in due to the design of the swell. It curves back on your legs a bit and takes up some room. This way you get the proper size/feel of your normal seat size.

Fitting Your Horse

Saddle Tree/ Gullet size

Gullet sizes from 6 1/2” wide to 8” wide is the normal range of measurements we offer to accommodate the build of your horse or multiple horses . 

The gullet width you need doesn’t affect the price of the saddle in these normal range of measurements we offer . 

We have standard bars and AF flat bars. The flat bars are for more wider filled up horses so it creates more contact to eliminate any possible pressure points. The standard bars are convex to fit in the dip of normal horses below the withers

The standard bars are a 45 degree and the AF bars are a 42 degree.